Royal Ruby Polyhedral Dice Set

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Are you ready for your next adventure? Our high quality dice will make any campaign a memorable one.

Just getting started with D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, or any other RPG? This Royal Ruby dice set will help get you there. 

This set is also great to replace lost or broken dice, have as a spare/extra set, or as gifts!

Primary color: Red
Dice Style: Transparent
Number color: Gold

**INCLUDED IN EACH SET (7 dice total)**
-One (1) D4 die (four-sided die, 1-4)
-One (1) D6 die (six-sided die, 1-6)
-One (1) D8 die (eight-sided die, 1-8)
-One (1) D10 die (ten-sided die, 0-9)
-One (1) D10% die (ten-sided die, 00-90)
-One (1) D12 die (twelve-sided die, 1-12)
-One (1) D20 die (twenty-sided die, 1-20)

**These dice make great pairings and gifts with our dice boxes and dice sleeves!**

Want a dice bag? Add on a velvet dice bag to your set for only $1.00 more!